About Chocobong

Chocobong was founded in 2004 out of a love of chocolate.

Our founder and managing director, David Alfert (a.k.a. Mr C. Bong) likes to think he knows a thing or two about chocolate... or, at the very least, about eating it! From an early age, he's had a passion for quality confection. On his many trips around continental Europe, David's levered his uncanny ability to quickly find a local chocolatier in any town and sample the goods. After years of careful searching and testing—with plenty of double checking!—he had narrowed it down to just a few.

At first, it was enough to just fill his car each time he dropped by, but then David thought a bit about the reality of it: it was reliant on his incidental travel and he could only carry so much home through customs, plus the chocolates don't last forever and there's plenty of gifts to be given year-round! Then he realised that he can't be the only one in this position, with a taste for quality but without the means to easily import it. And so Chocobong was born.

It was a little rocky at first—as a small business starting up from a spare room, we had a lot to learn about stock management, food storage, packing, posting, web presence... and, of course building that essential rapport with each of our suppliers personally! Two decades on, we've learnt a lot and got the process down to a T.

What began as (mostly!) an excuse for David to get his favourite chocolates has evolved into something each of us here at Chocobong are passionate about: providing a one-of-a-kind service globally, preparing exceptional products with exceptional presentation and bringing the taste of joy to so many. Plus, we get to take home some of the goods too!

About Dumon

If you find yourself visiting Brugge, be sure to drop by one of Dumon's own shops!

  • Simon Stevinplein 11, 8000 Brugge
  • Walstraat 6, 8000 Brugge
  • Eiermarkt 6, 8000 Brugge

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